The risk factors for benign prostatic enlargement (BPH) include many factors, including age, obesity, metabolic disorders, family history of the disease, lifestyle.

Your excretory symptoms may indicate that you have a benign prostate: Waiting for urinationstrainingstraininginterrupted urination, Post-urinary symptomsInability to fully empty your urinefeeling of urinary retention in the bladderdripping after urinating.

The prostate is a gland located in the lower urinary tract, at the bottom of the bladder (bladder), around the urethra (urinary canal located at the exit of the bladder). A healthy prostate is about the size of a large walnut and has a volume of 15-25ml.​

Factors that cause benign prostatic enlargement are agefamily history of the diseasemetabolic syndromeheart attackand lifestyleClick here for detailed information.

Numerous studies have confirmed that prostate volume is an important predictor of the progression of prostate adenoma. It has been observed that the prostate is higher than 30 ml in men with BPH.​

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